EVERYDAY BALM hair & beard moisturizer 90 ml

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[EVERYDAY BALM] face & beard moisturizer 90 ml

ginger root + aloe 100% natural fragrance

Our everyday skin and beard hydrating serum. Non-greasy formula sets matte. Use to soothe & moisturize skin and facial hair.


Warm in palms to activate essential oils then gently massage into beard, skin, and in-between. Can be applied to beard growth of any length.


Aloe:  Smooth and soften your skin through natural hydration. Anti inflammatory. Vitamins E & C protect against harmful UV light while repairing damaged skin. Promotes collegen production. Vitamin C also has cancer-fighting properties as an antioxidant. A natural source of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

PRUNIS DULCIS (SWEET ALMOND OIL): A skin-conditioning product to help soften and hydrate. Sweet almond oil contains countless nutrients including calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, and vitamin E. These essential vitamins nurture to promote softer, more nourished skin.

White Kaolin Clay: 100% Naturally occurring clay mineral. Reduces inflammation. Soothes sensitive and easily irritable skin. Contains absorption properties to reduce excess oils on skin.

Water Based . Vegan . Eco-Friendly Alcohol Free . Paraben Free .

100% Natural Fragrance

Distributed by ETIKET BARBER & Co.

Small Batch Hand Poured in Vancouver, BC